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Honey bees gather nectar from flowers to feed the colony.  Nectar is about half water and would ferment if the water content remained that high. Honey bees reduce the water content by moving air through the hive until about two thirds of it has evaporated and the nectar has changed into thick golden honey.  At that point, the bees cap the comb with a beeswax “lid” to prevent the honey from reabsorbing moisture from the air.

Many prefer fresh, raw local honey:  honey fresh from the hive that has been strained to remove bits of wax and debris.  

Honey is a very concentrated solution of various sugars.  It’s appearance can vary considerably depending on its floral source.  The sugars in honey can crystallize but can be easily returned to a liquid state by immersing the jar in hot (not boiling) water for an hour or so.
directly from a beekeeper. at a retail outlet.
Where can I buy real local honey?
local honey
Honey bee comb is constructed of beeswax that is produced by glands in the worker bee’s abdomen.  The bees also use the wax to cap cells full of honey.  The beekeeper removes the cap to extract the honey from the comb.  With its light color and pleasant scent, “cappings wax” has a variety of uses including as a lubricant and in making candles or cosmetics.  Beekeepers have a limited supply of this hive product.  To buy beeswax from local hives, contact:

Gene deBons
Richmond, TX 77469
281 341-7135

Where can I buy beeswax?