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Fort Bend County, Texas USA
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Help!!  I’ve got bees...

Please understand that our members are individual beekeepers, not bee removal services or licensed pest control providers.  We may offer advice in dealing with bees or a beekeeper may even elect to come capture an easily accessible cluster of honey bees to move them into a managed hive.  We do not vet or recommend bee removal services, pest control providers or individual beekeepers.

If you find a large cluster of honey bees, it is important that you act quickly before they decide on a new home. The worst advice is to expect them to just go away.  They most certainly will, but their new home can cause big problems for you or your neighbors.  

If you would like the advice of a local beekeeper, inquire about the use of a trap or to see if a beekeeper can capture a cluster of bees before they move into a cavity somewhere, you can email us at

Sometimes beekeepers use “swarm traps” to entice a swarm of bees into a new home.  The trap is removed after dark when all of the bees are inside. The bees can then be easily moved into a managed hive.

Where are the bees?  If they have established a home in the wall of a building you will need the help of a bee removal service or exterminator.  You will need to do an Internet search for “bee removal near me” to identify bee removal services in your area.  No one should reasonably expect all of this to be done at no cost.  

Where are you?  Fort Bend County Texas is southwest of Houston.  Phone calls or emails seeking information or advice are welcome, but if you are hundreds of miles away it is unlikely that a Fort Bend beekeeper can come to see the bees. Photos are extremely helpful.

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...even when they seem to be out of reach

The best situation is a cluster of bees that is easily accessible as they seek a new home, but sometimes a swarm cluster can be captured even though it is high off the ground.

Simply attempting to kill all of the bees is usually a bad idea since most of the bees are working inside.  Killing the bees inside will leave thousands of dead animals that will soon give off a terrible stench.  Other pests will be attracted the unguarded nest and honey and cause an awful mess.  All of the dead bees and their brood, nectar, honey, pollen and comb will need to be removed.  Dead or alive, this is a big job and lingering scents will be attractive to more swarms of bees. Preventing future problems is an important part of bee removal.  And any failed attempts to kill the bees may make finding someone to remove them more difficult.

With the assistance of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service - Fort Bend County, the Fort Bend Beekeepers Association makes honey bee traps available for use in areas where honey bee swarms are common.  Please understand that no trap will entice bees to leave an established home.